Rochester, New York

According to one enthusiastic resident, Rochester boasts the following attractions:

  1. the world’s largest indoor volleyball bar
  2. absinthe
  3. celebrity authors

Not bad.


Author: Hannah Johnson

When I first came to New York City, I almost ran over Liza Minelli with my suitcase. Then I got a job in book publishing.

4 thoughts on “Rochester, New York”

  1. I would like to know more about these Celebrity Authors, who live in Rochester, New York. The reason for this is that I live in Rochester, New York, and have been looking for celebrity authors (or any authors really) and can’t find them! I am a celebrity blogger, though, and I feel they, these celebrities, wherever they are, would enjoy my conversation–in which I frequently dispense highly original ideas. I am going up to the bar right now, and it would be good if I didn’t have to sit there in a disconsolate mood, wondering why I have to have refuge in a blog just to write for unknown people who live God knows where, when there are Celebrity Authors somewhere like right down the block. Help me out on this; I figure you can since you are an expert on Literary Rapture. Your other two noted items about Rochester are true indeed, plus: this is the home of White Hots. And Stage Poetry Company.

  2. I recently moved to Rochester from Rockville, MD and are looking for more literary drinkers. What bar do you frequent? And where do you get absinthe in Rochester?!?!? The only celebrity author I’ve heard of here is Peter Connors. Although a quick google search turned up Joanna Scott as well. Isn’t this the home of garbage plates? Are those the same as White Hots? Overall, I think this place is pretty cool, although I’m not sure I’ll feel the same after this snowstorm that’s coming.

  3. DannyI frequent Monty’s Krown on Monroe Avenue. Friendly neighborhood bar, with unusual selection of draft beers, and music on weekends. Garbage plates are the specialty of a place called Nick Tahou’s on the west side of the city, and include both red and white hots, along with every type of side dish, making it such a heap of food one ends up sloppily devouring it like garbage. (That’s what they say.) Interesting you think of Peter Connors as a celebrity; I know him somewhat, and I think he is giving a reading at Greenwood Books, on East Ave, soon.

  4. Hi Lloyd and Danny–I’m relatively new to Rochester as well (I came last year to help start up Open Letter at the UR), and like to drink and read. Although Monty’s Krown is just down the road from my house, I prefer the Tap & Mallet over on Gregory. Or Cafe Cibon. But I’m old and conventional and all that. Oh, and absinthe is available via Schuberts and The Social. Good stuff, good stuff. I’ve been to the volleyball bar as well–super awesome. And kind of insane . . .But in terms of books and authors and celebrity . . . I think Peter’s pretty well known, esp. in the poetry world, as is James Longenbach (also here in Rochester). David Schickler of “Kissing in Manhattan” lives here as well. What’s interesting to me is how many literary people are tied to this place–Declan Spring of New Directions, basically everyone at Zephyr Press are the first two that come to mind. Really, I think Rochester (or the R, O, C, as I call it) is a really literary place . . . We just need more regular literary drinking meet ups . . .

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