A brief smattering of what is happening in books and blogs:

From the Literary Saloon, Mr. Pip by Lloyd Jones has just won the Kiriyama Prize ($15,000), which celebrates literature from the Pacific Rim. I do not understand why this book won over David Malouf’s The Complete Stories. I do not understand why people like Mr. Pip so much.

Ed Champion on Rachel Donadio’s essay in the New York Times: “Rachel Donadio continued her regrettable declivity into the morass of embarrassing personal essays” and “this has not prevented literary experts from asking why Donadia, who is in her mid-thirties and really should know better, would bang out such remarkably judgmental tripe”

World Literature Tour to Germany in the Guardian UK (from Three Percent)

The Times thinks that internet piracy is the downfall of writing

Paper Cuts, the NY Times book blog, gives us some words you should never use when writing a book review. Crap, I am guilty of at least three! Also, I especially like the explanation of the correct use of “poignant” because it’s true.

Lastly, I’ve observed recently that reading a book with a catchy titles gets you noticed in the subway. Ever since I’ve started reading The Raw Shark Texts, people have been craning their necks in a variety of uncomfortable positions to get a look at the cover. So if you want to get noticed, read a cool book!


Author: Hannah Johnson

When I first came to New York City, I almost ran over Liza Minelli with my suitcase. Then I got a job in book publishing.

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