BEA Day 3

The day began with the usual mass migration from the hotels to the convention center, but on the last day, half the people were dragging suitcases behind them…an ominous sign that the halls would be nearly empty by noon. However, I found a great way to combat the waning energy of day three: a video camera. Ed Nowatka, a journalist for Bloomberg News and PW, was kind enough to offer his superior networking skills to my video project. Because of him, I got quite a few people to give quick statements and impressions about BEA and the Frankfurt Book Fair. Look out for links to these videos in the future! I was also able to observe Ed’s fabulous fact- and quote-gathering skills, which came together in his article for Bloomberg News.

As predicted, the halls were emptying out by noon. I wandered over to the Abu Dhabi Book Fair booth, and had a great chat with Tamer Said, a marketing executive for the Fair. He explained to me why you don’t have to pay income tax in Abu Dhabi, where to travel in the Middle East, and that my name is actually a boy’s name in Egypt. We then had a good conversation about children’s books in translation (he used to work for a children’s book publisher) and the greatness of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

After packing up the booth, I met up with Chad Post at the Standard for one more BEA drink. He has some great coverage of BEA on his blog Three Percent. I also enjoyed Richard Nash’s sentiments (and his use of very fancy words) about BEA that combated the generally lackluster mood going around. Of course, Richard is always a good antidote to lackluster moods. Both Chad and Richard express here what we are all thinking, that BEA will continue to be a place where new ideas about publishing are generated and where business relationships are nurtured.


Author: Hannah Johnson

When I first came to New York City, I almost ran over Liza Minelli with my suitcase. Then I got a job in book publishing.

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