Better late then never

I am back! After another hiatus I shall begin blogging faithfully once again. I realize that regularly updating a blog is one of the Golden Rules of Blogging, so sorry readers.

What has brought me out of my blogging coma? I was having a tipsy conversation with one of my intellectual friends about reading. I know he’s an intellectual because he is more than 600 pages into a 1256-page history book called Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer, and he still wants to keep reading it! He lamented that he is always reading last year’s fiction hits and cannot catch up to what is happening now. I always feel slightly behind the latest wave myself, so we discussed this at further length than was necessary. So because I am not the only one who is behind, I have more courage to reveal just how far behind I am by giving you all a run-down of the latest books I’ve read:

The Diving Pool by Yoko Ogawa (short stories–the last one in the collection was my favorite)
The Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri (the story “Mrs. Sen’s” was a highlight)
The Girl on the Fridge by Etger Keret (lonely stories that made me a bit melancholy)
Ferdydurke by Witold Gombrowicz (you can become a fan of Mr. Gombrowicz on Facebook)
Close to Jedenew by Kevin Vennemann (haunting and stark)

Up next (unless someone has a better suggestion for me):
The Abstinence Teacher by Tom Perrotta


Author: Hannah Johnson

When I first came to New York City, I almost ran over Liza Minelli with my suitcase. Then I got a job in book publishing.

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