What a Doozy

Warning: this post is about politics, not literature

I can’t help but write about McCain’s brilliant strategy to drive his campaign straight into a fiery explosion of failure. According to the NYT, his VP pick is a former beauty queen currently undergoing an ethics investigation with a pregnant teenage daughter (so much for abstinence-only teaching) and a drunk driving arrest. McCain’s aides claim he knew about the pregnant daughter before he picked Palin, but they were vauge about the details of his finding out. Sounds like this one might have snuck up on McCain and bitten him in the ass. But it isn’t hard to sneak up on a guy as old as he is.

It pleases me to no end that his desperate attempt to win Hillary supporters is turning out this way. It seems unlikely that a woman who was going to vote for Hillary would now vote for McCain because he picked Palin. Desperation doesn’t work in elections. Knock on wood that the McCain campaign is headed where we all think it is!


Author: Hannah Johnson

When I first came to New York City, I almost ran over Liza Minelli with my suitcase. Then I got a job in book publishing.

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